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Health & Safety Guidelines

LCA Guidelines for Health & Safety 2021-2022 

The challenges faced by the Covid 19 virus have been well documented over the past five months. We have appreciated the science which gives us hope for the health and safety of our students, faculty and families at LCA. These guidelines are based on CDC recommendations for schools (May 19, 2020) and the PA Dept of Ed Preliminary Guidelines for Phased Reopening of Pre-k to 12 Schools (June 3, 2020). We have also continued to monitor the recommendations of the Keystone Christian Education Association and the American Association of Christian Schools. We acknowledge the pertinent information is constantly updating, so we commit to diligence in determining our policies going forward, and common sense in the application of policy. 

1. Students and parents must follow the handbook guidelines when it comes to a student with a fever. No student can attend LCA with  a fever, and no student should return to LCA until they are fever free for 24 hours. Thermometers will be used to check students when there is concern for any student. 

2. Faculty and staff will abide by the same health guidelines as students.

3. Hand washing will be emphasized to our students along with ample time to complete regular 20 second hand washing. 

4. Cough and sneeze etiquette will be emphasized. Coughing or sneezing into the left elbow or a tissue will be encouraged. 

5. Face masks will be worn at the parents direction. Face masks are considered voluntary and will not be required for faculty, staff or  students. Government guidelines may overrule our policy and will be monitored regularly. 

6. Signs will be posted around the facility to remind the LCA family of the need to wash hands, use hand sanitizer and maintain              distance when possible. 

7. Hand sanitizer has been placed in every classroom and will be in regular use. 

8. LCA has researched new and improved cleaning chemicals and wipes which will allow for necessary disinfecting of rooms and          surfaces throughout the day and each evening.  

9. Desks will be spaced and offset in each classroom. Six feet apart is not possible at this time, however, gathering desks in "pods"    will be discontinued. 

10. Water fountains will be replaced with filtered bottle fillers. Each student will be permitted and encouraged to carry his/her water        bottle with them throughout the day. There will be no sharing of water bottles. 

13. Any air conditioners, dehumidifiers and air cleaners used in the school will have their filters cleaned on a regular basis to promote better air quality for our students. 

14. The playground and gym will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. 

15. Parental volunteers and visits will be allowed on a limited basis. We ask for your understanding as we try and maintain a closed environment. 

16. Our athletic health and safety plan will be developed per suggested guidelines and separate from these guidelines. 

17. Administrator, Mr. Dean and Mr. Thomas will be the ones to communicate timely and factual information to the school family in the case anyone tests positive for Covid 19. They will make decisions concerning the possibility of any quarantine or need for distance learning. 

We are prepared to provide a healthy and safe in school experience for your children.  Distance Learning will be implemented ONLY if ordered by the PA Department of Education. Pray with us, stand with us and be vocal to government officials about these issues.